Hostel Oia is built with attention to detail and respect for the Cycladic style that reflects the tradition and uniqueness of Santorini, to offer its guests a pleasant stay. The space is characterized by its elegant decoration and has been designed with dedication to the traditional architecture of the island, in order to harmonize the modern facilities with the tradition.

Hostel Oia consists of a common area that can accommodate up to eight (8) people. You can stay in four (4) bunk beds and four (4) separate single beds, where for each one there is an individual cupboard that locks. There are also two bathrooms, one for men and one for women.

Hostel Oia dormitory also has a desk and a seating area with sofa and a vending machine for refreshments and food.

In its fully equipped kitchen you will find a fridge, hob/oven and cupboards with various kitchen utensils.

Finally, in the terrace/balcony overlooking the blue Aegean, you can relax in a monastery-style dining room as well as a hammock.


  • Individual wardrobes / cuoboard
  • Fridge
  • Kitchen oven
  • Dryer
  • Office
  • Individual lockers